Our Commitment


Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission, Vision and Values express our shared aspirations and guide us in all that we do. Our Mission defines our core purpose as an entertainment and hospitality company and our Vision points us in the right direction to deliver the mission. Together, with our Code of Commitment, our six core values are the foundation of who we are and how we interact with everyone we touch in our daily activities.


♣ We inspire grown-ups to play.


♣  Create memorable experiences, personalize rewards and delight every guest, every team member, every time.


♣  INTEGRITY Do what’s right, no matter what.

♣  SERVICE WITH PASSION – Take pride in everything you do.

♣  CELEBRATING SUCCESS Work hard and celebrate successes both large and small.

♣  DIVERSITY – Embrace what makes us unique to inspire innovation and win together.

♣  CARING CULTURE – Create a caring culture so every team member can have fun and be at his or her personal and professional best.

♣ OWNERSHIP – Take initiative, be accountable for your performance and think like an owner of the business.


♣  EMPLOYEES – A commitment to all our employees to treat them with respect and provide satisfying career opportunities.

♣  GUESTS – A commitment to all our guests to promote responsible gaming.

♣  COMMUNITIES – A commitment to all our communities to help make them healthy and vibrant places to live and work.

♣  ENVIRONMENT – A commitment to responsible stewardship of the environment.


  Harrah’s Cherokee Mission, Vision, and Values